Liberty Hotels Group;

Aims to increase its brand value and guest satisfaction, to expand its brands, to provide the best service in the hotel industry and to continuously improve it.



Sustainability Policy

As Liberty Hotels Group, we have modeled the goals of the United Nations World Tourism Organization and 12 basic principles in this context in our sustainable tourism approach.

  • Economic Continuity
  • Local Welfare
  • Employment Quality
  • Social Equality
  • Visitor Satisfaction
  • Local Control
  • Social welfare
  • Cultural diversity
  • Physical Integrity
  • Biodiversity
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Environmental Purity

In this context;

  • To ensure the most appropriate use of environmental resources, which is a key element in tourism development, by maintaining basic environmental processes and helping to protect natural heritage and biodiversity,
  • To respect the socio-cultural originality, to protect the established and living cultural heritages and traditional values, to contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance,
  • To provide sustainable, long-term economic operations, to create stable employment and income-generating opportunities, to provide equitable Socio-Economic benefits to all stakeholders, including social services for host communities, to contribute to poverty reduction,

We undertake and declare as our Sustainability Policy.