Purchasing Policy

As Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf, we aim to fulfill the requirements of sustainable tourism in our purchasing activities, to provide equal, fair and open opportunities to all suppliers, and to continue our cooperation through mutual trust.

In this context;

  • To cooperate with suppliers suitable for our management systems established in our business processes,
  • Continuing purchasing activities with a win & win policy,
  • Ensuring the protection of the global and regional environment,
  • Making purchases in accordance with the company’s financial structure,
  • Ensuring a free competition environment within the framework of ethical values with organizations operating in the tourism sector,
  • We will ensure the protection of fair business ethics in accordance with national and international legal conditions,
  • We will contribute to the development of the region by supporting local products and manufacturers and women entrepreneurs, and we will continue our mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers, thus reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles during transportation.
  • We will ensure sustainable development, the ability of future generations to meet the needs of the present without compromising in meeting their own needs,

We undertake and declare as our Purchasing Policy.