Ozyer´s new hotel in Kuşadası

Preperations are in progress at Ramada Resort Kuşadası to host first group of guest on 20th April, 2015 with an exceptionally high-level guest satisfaction as you are accustomed to Liberty Hotels under the Özyer Group.
Ramada Resort Kuşadası & Golf will serve its guests all year round with 442 comfortable rooms and its mark atmosphere. 
The Resort is simultaneously coming to an end in preparations and boosting promotions in Turkey and abroad.
General Manager of Ramada Resort Kuşadası & Golf Tamer Onsoy and Sales Manager Emre Türkmen promoted the new resort at the Minsk/Belarus Tourism Expo and hosted approximately hundred agents and tour operators at a special dinner on the last day of the Expo.
Additionally, the hotel management has attended the biggest Golf fair or the world, IGT with two booths, which was held in Como town of Italy on 26-31 October 2014. The bilateral communications and negotiations the management team head were extremely important for the Golf Resort and promotion of Kuşadası as a potential Golf town just like Belek.

Address: Akyarlar, Kuşadası, Turkey      
Phone: +90 256 420 07 00      
E-mail: info@ramadaresortkusadasi.com
+90 256 420 07 00