Liberty Hotels Group;

Aims to increase its brand value and guest satisfaction, to expand its brands, to provide the best service in the hotel industry and to continuously improve it.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Liberty Hotels Group, we aim to improve the workplace conditions of our employees, to protect them from occupational diseases and to encourage them to live healthy and to provide suitable working environments.

In this context;

  • To protect human health with team spirit by creating a safe and healthy workplace and  occupational hygiene within the framework of legal conditions and our own conditions,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees with the help of trainings and to create a permanent change in behavior,
  • Ensuring the participation of employees in the planning, implementation, performance evaluation and improvement activities of the occupational health and safety management system,
  • To adopt as a basic duty, not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other employees and our guests,
  • To provide a zero accident target culture and continuous improvement by reviewing our risk and opportunity analyzes,
  • To ensure that subcontractors, suppliers, stakeholders and 3rd parties act in accordance with this policy,
  • To determine measures with a proactive approach against work accidents and occupational diseases that may occur during work,

We undertake and declare as our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.