Human Values Policy

As Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf, we are aware that our employees are a “value”, not a resource. With this awareness, we approach our employees with the motto “We exist together”. We create our management philosophy, values and skills together with our employees.

In this context;

  • To provide our guests with unique services where they can enjoy their holidays freely with our educated, friendly and sincere employees,
  • We will give care and priority to human health and safety,
  • To act equally and without prejudice, without discrimination based on culture, language, religion, race and gender,
  • To follow a participatory management policy that gives importance to development and change,
  • To enable our employees to have different experiences by employing exchange programs in national and international chain hotels,
  • “Liberty Leave” is given to every employee who has started their 2nd Season,
  • Our employees can work with their team’s jerseys the day after their favorite team wins an important (derby) match.
  • To ensure that employees benefit from special discounts by making agreements with certain workplaces within and outside the group,
  • Motivation is increased by organizing entertainment and parties for our employees during the season.
  • Being sharing and supporting employees who take initiative,
  • Investing in education and the environment,
  • To prevent the deterioration of the health of our employees by creating safe and healthy working conditions, to encourage teamwork and to lead our employees at all levels and include them in the management,
  • To give priority to the private life, loved ones and values of our employees,
  • To know our employees, to observe and develop their talents and to value their ideas, to respond with quality, sincerity and stability,

We undertake and declare as our Human Values Policy.