Ephesus became part of the World Heritage Committee

At the meeting on the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee in the German city Bonn, the ancient city Ephesus in Turkey was included to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. Culture and Tourism Minister Omer Celik shared this news on his Twitter account. This year, in the list of 31 candidates,2 candidates from Turkey were included to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

From the South to the North bound by network of UNESCO

Unlike many candidates, after waiting for 21 years, at the end Ephesus  was included in the list of the World Heritage by UNESCO in four categories. With Ephesus; House of Virgin Mary, Ayasuluk Castle and Castle Chukurdzhikoyuk took their place on the list. So, together with Bergama, which entered the list of 99th last year, Izmir has been enmeshed by UNESCO network from the South to the North. As a result, the number of World Heritage objects in Turkey, represented in the list, was raised to 15.
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