Liberty Hotels Group;

Aims to increase its brand value and guest satisfaction, to expand its brands, to provide the best service in the hotel industry and to continuously improve it.



Environmental Policy

As Liberty Hotels Group, we have taken the basic values of the European Union Environmental Policy as a basis, as well as our commitment to the laws and regulations of our country in the creation of this policy. We have determined policies on air, water, soil, waste, nature protection, industrial pollution and risk management, chemicals, noise pollution and climate change, which are the main environmental application areas.

In this context;

  • Energy performance efficiency with sustainable resource use in order to prevent pollution and waste, protect the environment and prevention of waste,
  • Providing the resources needed for the mitigation of climate change and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems,
  • Ensuring compliance in all our facilities within the scope of laws, regulations and international agreements on environment and climate change,
  • To be a policy-making group in the tourism sector, committed to the basic elements of the Green Deal in the protection of natural vegetation and biodiversity, the “from fork to fork” strategy for sustainable food and the new circular economy strategies,
  • Achieving targets in waste amounts by paying high attention to the separation of wastes at the source,
  • To increase the awareness of our employees with training activities in environmental protection and waste management,
  • To minimize the environmental footprint and to achieve strategic goals in this area,
  • To continuously improve the environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance,
  • To protect endangered animals and to consider animal welfare in the operations to be carried out,
  • Carrying out environmental protection activities in line with our targets in waste disposal processes, together with performance measurements,
  • To ensure the protection of natural resources by using appropriate technologies that cause the least harm to the environment within the framework of technical and economic possibilities, and by reducing the use of materials consumed in the facilities,


We undertake and declare as our Environmental Policy.