Liberty Hotels Group;

Aims to increase its brand value and guest satisfaction, to expand its brands, to provide the best service in the hotel industry and to continuously improve it.


Information Security Policy

As Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf, we have established a policy for the development of information and communication technologies in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and ensuring data privacy with products suitable for the information age.

In this context;

  • The necessary feasibility studies and tests will be carried out within certain periods in order to determine the risks in the protection of information and data security,
  • We will comply with the Information Security Management System and allocate the necessary resources for the system to work efficiently, ensuring that the system is understood by all employees,
  • Unauthorized access to information assets; protecting information assets by preventing unauthorized alteration or destruction of information assets,
  • Establishing a balance to eliminate complexity so that information can be accessed quickly when needed, while observing information security requirements,
  • We will exhibit environmentally friendly and innovative approaches in our new designs with gradual improvements by following the innovations in technology,
  • To inform and raise awareness of employees and third-party employees about information security requirements, roles and responsibilities,
  • To provide management in accordance with all national and international legal requirements and other requirements,
  • We will implement the necessary technical and administrative measures for the accessibility, backup and protection of digital and other media containing personal data and important information for the company,
  • It will be ensured that personal data is kept in accordance with national and international laws and then anonymized,

We undertake and declare as our Information Security Policy.