Energy Policy

As Liberty Hotels Group, including Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf, and its parent subsidiaries, we play an investor role in clean energy activities, and we include the phases of transition to clean energy applications at our facilities in our investment programs within this scope.

We foresee that our Energy Policy, which is one of our most fundamental elements, will be designed in line with the goals of combating climate change and circular economy. For this reason, directing investments in clean energy technologies is not only a positive step for the protection of the environment, but also for the guests.

In this context;

  • We will encourage growth, innovation and employment with the transition to a low carbon economy,
  • To meet the legal and other requirements regarding energy efficiency, use and consumption,
  • The energy performance and energy management system will be continuously improved,
  • Information and necessary resources will be provided for the realization of energy goals and targets,
  • We will provide sustainable energy management that increases the quality of life, the options of our guests and creates savings in energy consumption,
  • We will implement an energy policy focused on supporting renewable energies and energy efficiency,
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach our savings targets within the scope of the Green Deal,
  • To instill this awareness in all the services we provide to our employees and guests,

We undertake and declare as our Energy Policy.