Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Policy

As Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf, we received training on the basis of our efforts to prevent child abuse. We have covered the Protection of Children from All Kinds of Abuse Training under the compulsory trainings title of our training programs at all our facilities, and we have specifically covered this issue in our compliance programs.

In this context;

  • Ramada Resort By Whndham Kuşadası & Golf will not tolerate any harassment or discrimination,
  • Fulfilling its responsibilities for the protection of children and showing leadership in this context, providing the necessary resources,
  • Informing our facility managers in accordance with our rule sets when any child abuse is observed, ensuring that the necessary sanctions are applied, and informing the law enforcement when necessary,
  • To implement high-level security measures in services and activity programs for children, to establish social environments where parents can safely entrust their children,
  • It is aware of the importance of child welfare and the protection of children from all kinds of harm. To avoid all kinds of abuse and exploitation,

We undertake and declare as our Child Protection and Prevention of Abuse Policy.