Liberty Hotels Group;

Aims to increase its brand value and guest satisfaction, to expand its brands, to provide the best service in the hotel industry and to continuously improve it.


  1. Food Safety Policy

As Liberty Hotels Group, we aim to protect the health and quality of life of our guests at a high level in all our facilities.

In addition to the Food Safety Legislation of our country, we also took the European Union Food Safety Policy as a basis. We have internalized ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems under the headings of food hygiene, animal and plant health, contaminants and residues. At the same time, we handled the control of additives, colorants, antibiotics, added vitamins and minerals, adulteration and genetically modified organisms used in the production of foods within this scope. This policy includes our principles on labeling rules (low-fat, high-fiber, etc.) and measures to protect our guests on food contact products (plastic packaging, etc.).

In this context;

  • We will offer products and services of high quality to our guests and employees in accordance with food safety for human health, at all stages of raw material, storage, production and presentation,
  • Increasing the continuous improvement, development and effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System, ensuring its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements,
  • To increase the knowledge and skills of the employees and to raise awareness with trainings for Food Safety,
  • To ensure that products are presented naturally, healthy, delicious and safe according to the wishes of our guests, according to measurable quality criteria.

. We undertake and declare as our Food Safety Policy